Monagami - Episode Three

... Let Slip The Dogs

In this tense and terse tertiary episode, Monagamites are conflicted about the upcoming war with Easter Island and argument is rife. Sam Toad invents an award-winning tie while Dwayne & Darryl Drindle, the owners of the Double 'D' Diner decide to enlist just as a dreadful new disease breaks out right in their dining room! Meanwhile the army's recruitment drive has started but with unusual results. Whew!


Monagami - Episode Two

...Some Burning Truths

In this exciting second episode... Sam Toad has his first day on the job at the Neckwear Tie Factory and finds out that tie-making is not as simple as it looks; The aliens get closer to Monagami but make a huge mistake; Ella visits with her estranged father and learns some bitter truths; Stevie & Johnny report the alien invasion to the police but the boys get a surprising response.

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Monagami - Episode One

Illustrated Men (Bruce Hunter, Dave Huband and myself) are excited to bring you  the first episode of our extended cartoon-for-the-mind set in the town of Monagami, Ontario. Follow the characters of this strange burg as they fight off aliens, deal with deadly man-made diseases, get towed by zombies and, in some cases, try to find work. Done in a retro-radio style, this podcast is, at the least, an amusing way to close your eyes, relax and smile for 15 minutes or so each week.

...In The Beginning There Was Rock

In the first episode of Monagami we meet our narrator, Rock Hard (Private Dick) ; our heroes, Sam & Ella Toad, arrive in Monagami for the first time looking forward to a fresh start; some kids out camping spot a UFO; alien bounty hunters land; and the Prime Minister starts a phony war to save his flagging political career… wow! What a start!

Hope you can try it out... and 'like' it and 'share' it and all those things that will help spread the word.